By: S.N. Lahiri.

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This is a land which is ruggedly beautiful, where history is embedded with stories of supreme struggles, battles and sacrifices by Pukhtoons, the fierce warriors who fought and struggled for their independence for nearly a century.

Sri S N Lahiri, who spent a long stint of his Military Engineering career in the land of the Pukhtoons- presently NWFP- in Pre-independence India, has poignantly narrated their story in much details and compassion in this book. The story narrated in this work is one of the most interesting and perhaps one of the most tragic part of our sub-continent’s history. The book covers the account of the numerous battles fought by the Pukhtoons from the mid 1800, ending more than a century later with the World War II  Withdrawal of the British and drawing of new boundaries between the newly independent Afghanistan, Pakistan and India ushered a new era but ‘Pukhtoonistan’ remained a dream to all the Pukhtoons as they were merged with Pakistan.

Originaly serialised in The Statesman during the early fifties, this is the first time the account is being published in the form of a book.